Why you should save a seat at HubSpot Talks this May 4th

Why you should save a seat at HubSpot Talks this May 4thHere, at Mediapost Martech, as one of the two HubSpot Diamond partners in the CEE region, we have access to the latest know-how regarding marketing automation. Our knowledge is proven by our results, and if marketing automation is something of interest to your business, and you have 40 minutes to spare, join us on May 4th for a live event from Dublin - HubSpot Talks.

HubSpot, the best rated worldwide CRM platform, with more than 135,000 customers in over 120 countries, offers a suite of software for marketing, sales, and customer relationship management. But it's not just about integrating multiple tools, it's about achieving better results with a fraction of the resources in your budget. It's about making the two most important people in your company (your customers and your team) feel special and valued. 

It’s a one of a kind event dedicated to the Romanian market. In this webinar, we’re going to give you the no-nonsense guide to getting started as well as tackle some of the thorniest obstacles currently hindering your marketing automation efforts. 

On the Agenda: Inbound Marketing, A LIVE Walkthrough, and Two Success Stories

In the span of 40 minutes we will talk about inbound marketing, we will explain what marketing automation means and show LIVE how to implement a baseline scenario - from banner to paying customer. 

Get post-implementation feedback from two HubSpot and Mediapost Martech customers: Dentstore (one of the most important distributors of dental materials and equipment in Romania) and BADSI (authorized Nissan dealer).

Key Takeaways

After this event, you'll have an understanding of what marketing automation is, what are the most common myths and what can marketing automation DO for YOUR business with live healthcare industry examples & customer stories. Furthermore, you will understand what to expect in the first 21 days if you decide to start your marketing automation journey.

Save your seat now!

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