How we guide Instant Factoring to Generate €400k Revenue Using HubSpot

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This is not (only) a success story. This is a true business success that can happen to your brand. Why? Because the power of automation is here to grab. 

In 2022, Instant Factoring joined forces with Mediapost Martech to implement HubSpot Marketing and Sales Hub. The result? A significant boost in sales team productivity thanks to seamless communication and lead nurturing automation. This not only led to a steady flow of monthly leads but also an impressive Net Promoter Score (NPS), a clear indicator of customer satisfaction. Instant Factoring harnessed the power of HubSpot Marketing Hub to create a comprehensive communication strategy. This strategy involved automated workflows that catered to leads at every stage of their customer journey. Generating a remarkable €449k in revenue within just one year is a testament to the power of automation and a customer-centric approach.


Lead Nurturing: Turning Leads into Advocates

It all begins with transforming a lead into a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL). Automated emails then guide potential clients towards setting up an account. Once an MQL creates an account and uploads an invoice, they become a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL). Instant Factoring sends automated messages, encouraging SQLs to submit an invoice. These messages include vital information, a tempting offer of first invoice financing for free, and reminders about the offer's expiry. When a SQL receives financing, they officially become a Customer. An automatic satisfaction survey is sent when the customer submits a financing request, enabling Instant Factoring to gather valuable feedback and assess customer satisfaction. Customers who give a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 9 or 10 or provide a referral are considered Advocates. An automated communication flow nurtures this advocacy, strengthening the positive relationship between Instant Factoring and its highly satisfied customers.


Impressive Revenue Growth

This implementation offered a comprehensive, end-to-end sales pipeline, from management to churn alerts, seamlessly integrated with existing systems. However, the most remarkable outcome was the financial one - a staggering €449k in revenue in just one year. As they continue to nurture their Advocates and streamline their sales and marketing functions, the future looks brighter than ever for Instant Factoring. 

A case study that serves as an inspiring example for businesses looking to leverage technology and customer satisfaction to drive unprecedented revenue growth.

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