Why you should join our face to face business automation event


Long article title, short answer: because business automation is here to stay. Because business automation is the future and as we all know it so well, the future is now.

Far from being an abstract and exclusive concept, accessible only to those with exorbitant budgets and large teams, automation has become part of the way we work, helping us optimize both our external and internal processes. Together with my colleagues here, at Mediapost Martech, we invite you to participate in a different kind of face-to-face event, an event in which we will talk about how Romanian companies are automating operational, marketing, sales and customer support relations. The event will take place on Thursday, March 30, starting 9:00 a.m., at Pullman Hotel, Mexico-Seoul Hall. You can quickly register here


We'll answer all your questions

By providing an overview of automation in various industries: automotive, pharmaceutical, e-commerce, FMCG etc. We will exemplify the steps for automating front-end processes: marketing, sales, customer relations through HubSpot and the steps for automating back-end processes: managing teams and internal tasks through monday.com.


We'll give you clear examples

We will show, through concrete examples, how Romanian companies automate operational, marketing, sales and customer relations processes. We want to keep our reputation of being pragmatic and pertinent, this is why our speakers will always bring relevant examples to the table. 


We'll talk. You’ll get the chance to network.

We've included a special networking hour in our event, where you can have the opportunity to speak directly with automation specialists, but also with entrepreneurs and industry peers ready to start the automation process. They say it takes a village, we say it takes a great team and the right experts with the right expertise to get the job done. Meet them on 30th March!.

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