The simplest way to have a GDPR compliant business

GDPR compliant business

Also we are never shy of a challenge, and we have always believed that when things get tough, the tough gets going, the now 5 years old GDPR regulation should not be considered a challenge. We have talked to many businesses and entrepreneurs and they all have questions and a different amount of distress regarding GDPR. We consider GDPR a set of rules developed in order to protect both brands, and consumers. A brand with a reliable GDPR policy is a trusted brand, a qualification all brands should aspire to. Our belief that GDPR is not a burden is also based on the fact that we know just the right tool that can help brands be GDPR compliant with a minimum amount of distress.


What does it mean to be GDPR compliant?

In 2018, the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect. The GDPR is a comprehensive set of laws governing data protection and privacy that applies to organizations operating within the European Union (EU). The regulation requires that organizations ensure that the data they collect, process, and store is done so in a manner that is transparent and secure. This means that organizations must obtain explicit consent from individuals before collecting their data, and they must be clear about how that data will be used.


How can your business be GDPR compliant?

As you know, one of the two main conditions of GDPR is to be able to answer two key questions when submitted to a regulatory control: when and by whom was the data modified. This is where HubSpot comes in hand: for instance, if we open any property in HubSpot, any information, we can see that user X has stored value Y that was later modified by user Z. So, in case of an authority control or a complaint investigation, we can answer with accuracy to questions regarding who added the communication agreement to a prospect and when did that happen. We have here an explanatory video of this GDPR property in an HubSpot interface. Just take a look to see how easy using HubSpot for GDPR compliance purposes really is.



Added to this, HubSpot GDPR functionality also assures the following features: 

  • Cookie consent banner toggled ON by default; 
  • GDPR-ready forms with a lawful basis notice and communication consent checkbox form field for newly created forms; 
  • Unsubscribe links turned ON by default for sales one-to-one and sequences emails for users added after GDPR is enabled. For existing users, this will remain the same based on their previous setting.


Why is it important to comply with GDPR?

As you already know, the GDPR imposes significant penalties on organizations that fail to comply with its regulations. In addition to financial penalties, organizations can also face damage to their reputation and loss of customer trust. But above that, compliance with the GDPR can help organizations build trust with their customers. By demonstrating a commitment to protecting personal data, organizations can differentiate themselves in the marketplace and enhance their reputation for ethical business practices.

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