The easiest approach to managing your sales team turnover

The simplest way to deal with your sales team turnover

We’ve been talking to a lot of entrepreneurs and sales managers and one of the most common issues raised is the sales team turnover and how it affects your clients and prospects database. People were complaining that often when a salesperson leaves, their clients and prospects database is also going away, leaving the team and the new salesperson with 0 information to continue the sales journey. A Sisyphean process we could say, having to start all over again each time a sales rep leaves. But luckily, today, one doesn’t have to push alone the sales rock on the hill of prospects, because sales automation is here to help us avoid many unpleasant and wearing situations. 

The main red flag we have to acknowledge is how the sales and prospects databases are stored. Because notebooks or local documents saved on a personal computer are a BIG NO. This way of storing your database is the easiest and surest way to lose it. This is why you need a CRM. And HubSpot Sales CRM is here to help. 

How can HubSpot help? Well, in HubSpot, each contact has a timeline where you can see every interaction ever made. Everything in one single place, regardless if it’s an email or a note or a call. You can also see other helpful information like: when a customer or prospect opens an attachment and how long does he spend reading it. Moreover, the sales agent receives alerts when such documents are open so they can initiate a contact call with that prospect.



The HubSpot sales timeline also logs calls. When was the last call placed? How often did you talk to the prospect? You can add specific notes or even call scripts. Added to that, you can see all marketing activities. If you send a newsletter to a prospect you can see the open rate and click rate and also which web pages were visited. This means you can set up an alert for when the price tab on your website is browsed. Very nice, indeed!

We’re pretty sure by now we’ve got your full attention and interest, so now you check an even more detailed video here. For any other questions, we are here to help, just give us a sign.

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