News and jewels: Every great business is built on friendship

News and jewels: Every great business is built on friendship

INTERACTIONS announces its partnership with yotpo. Now you can easily turn one-time shoppers into loyal customers and get more from your eCommerce marketing, with connected solutions that maximize the value of your customers. What’s more, it is designed to help you create those perfect moments when everything just clicks, giving you a range of ways to impact sales: reviews, loyalty and referrals, community advocacy, - all in one place. Interactions is the first official YOTPO partner in Romania. Find out more here! 

A TikTok Ads Guide from HubSpot: here, you may learn everything there is to know about TikTok's advertising platform and decide whether or not to use it. There’s a list of all types of TikTok ads, an explanation of how they work, and some very helpful tips and examples. If you are wondering about the costs, don’t worry, they are covering that too. Give it a read! introduces us to TQM (Total Quality Management): a crucial strategy for raising the quality of your products and the procedures necessary for long-term success. Even in 2022, any industry may benefit from its concepts and methods, even if they have their roots in the manufacturing sector. Educate yourself here!

Slack brings to the table the idea that leaders need to create a digital-first work culture: businesses that put a lot of effort into improving the digital experience will be well-positioned to deal with changing demands from both employees and customers. Invest 3 min. in this read! 

Little Big Updates from Figma: September comes with a fresh juicy batch of small yet meaningful improvements to your Figma experience. However, the quest for perfection is an ongoing process because there will always be issues and user input. Check out the latest updates that will help you create, design, and collaborate from wherever you are.

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