NEW IN HubSpot: Learn more about the latest updates

NEW IN HubSpot: Learn more about the latest updates

HubSpot is committed to keeping your data organized and connected so you can keep customers happy with a friction-free experience. Let’s dive into HubSpot's most recent changes because the #1 CRM platform for scaling companies just got more customizable.


Product Update of the Month: New Configurable Activity Buttons in CRM Records

The activity buttons that display in the upper left corner of CRM records may now be customized, and their order can be changed for easier access. You may save time and clicks by having the activities you use most frequently close at hand. Future additions of tools are also accommodated by the new setup.


Marketing Hub & CMS Hub

Must Know Update: Collaboration Sidebar in the Marketing Email editor

Inside the Marketing Email editor, the Collaboration sidebar, which includes Commenting, Tasks, and Calendar, is now accessible. Customers may now easily attach comments to certain email modules thanks to recent improvements that include comment threads and comment highlighting.

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Good to Know Update: Option to add dismiss button to the cookie banner

All clients now have the option of adding a dismiss button to their cookie banner. By adding this button, visitors to websites can dismiss the cookie banner without choosing Accept or Decline. If your website does not have a "Require Opt In" policy, users can easily close the banner using the dismiss button.


Useful update: Facebook Conversions API for Page views

Better control data sent to Facebook, and continue to retarget anonymous visitors when cookies are not available by using Facebook Conversion’s API alongside the Facebook Pixel for Page views.


Sales Hub & Service Hub

Must Know Update: Reminder Email for Custom Surveys

Customers may now email their clients a reminder to remind them to respond to bespoke feedback questionnaires. The reminder email may be set from the Settings page while generating a feedback survey.

HubSpot CRM Platform 

Must Know Update: Search Custom Object Activities

Timeline Search is now available for Custom Objects. As a result, you can now search across all of your custom object records' actions, including Notes and Tasks.


Good to Know Update: Workflow Enrollment Change Notifications

This gives us the option to sign up for workflow email notifications and get a weekly overview of enrollment changes. Users will be able to proactively report on the efficiency of their workflow and quickly spot any possible problems.


Useful update: Restore Deleted Dashboards

Dashboards that have been deleted can now be completely recovered. Now, any dashboard that was unintentionally deleted may be recovered, restored, and consulted once again (provided the dashboard is recovered within 14 days).

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