Mediapost Martech gets HubSpot Gold Solutions Partner certification


This achievement comes from designing an accessible and intuitive package of services that helps clients overcome the current context and achieve concrete and fast results. Reaching this performance in the actual context provides us with an insight into the direction in which digital marketing is headed. It becomes increasingly clear that the future belongs to automation.
Mediapost Martech offers services that combine artificial intelligence, marketing automation and creativity to deliver results that are 3 times better than those achieved exclusively through human work.

“The collaboration we have with HubSpot has helped us clarify and optimize our services so that we can provide solutions with faster results that can easily be measured. Much of the new business is the segment of companies that need to move their business online quickly. And we are ready to assist them in an automated transition, which headstarts the process of converting leads for our paying customers from as early as the first stage. Concrete results: 4 new customers in the last 3 weeks ”, explains Adrian Alexandrescu (Senior Partner, Mediapost Martech).

The methodology used by Mediapost Martech is a mix between know-how accumulated in 20 years on the local market, HubSpot best practices and technological measures that accelerate the pace of achieving performance indicators. The strategy is adjusted according to each client, after a brief evaluation of its digital context and ecosystem.

Mediapost Martech services cover areas such as Digital Transformation or Marketing Automation.

As part of the Mediapost group, which includes Interactions as well as other direct communication and marketing companies, we have been active in the Romanian market for over 20 years and we are present in 5 European markets.
Our experience with over 200 campaigns has helped us develop our own automation products, purchased by over 20 companies.

Mediapost Martech is Gold HubSpot Partner and Salesforce Partner.

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