Mediapost Martech launches Digital Competitive Landscape Audit

Analyzing key digital metrics and channels enables a better understanding of your online presence.

Benchmarking the positioning, channels, and online communication strategy against direct competitors is fundamental in digital communication. Mediapost Martech has developed Digital Competitive Landscape Audit, a product for businesses that aim to improve their online presence.

The product brings valuable insights into the main digital metrics of businesses and their direct competitors. 

The Starter package includes an analysis of the customer's brand and one of their direct competitors. It analyzes traffic statistics, search engine marketing, paid media, user experience, on-page, and off-page SEO, content, technology and offers recommendations for improving online presence.

The Advanced package includes the analysis of 3 direct competitors and offers a more detailed evaluation of the client's brand, as well as an extensive series of recommendations at a strategic and tactical level for the most relevant communication channels.

Digital Competitive Landscape Audit helps you discover trends with a great impact on the success of your business. By testing new channels, new formats, and new strategies, you increase your chance to create new connections with your potential customers. Even when you think things are going well, such a product can prove that the right initiative can generate a higher ROI.

Studying the competition is a more sophisticated way to analyze your target. You can understand why a customer chose a competing brand instead of your own and draw some constructive conclusions about your options so that you become their destination of choice. Digital Competitive Landscape Audit gives you a clear overview of the online presence of your brand.


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