Mediapost Martech and partner to expand work management capabilities for organizations across Central and Eastern Europe!

we-re-official-partners-of-monday-1-compressed Mediapost Martech, part of the French group La Poste, a Romanian company specialized in marketing, sales, and customer support automation, and, a work operating system (Work OS) where organizations of any size can create the tools and processes they need to manage every aspect of their work, announced today a partnership to equip organizations across Central and Eastern Europe with an agile solution to efficiently manage their workflows. Through this partnership, Mediapost Martech aims to help companies improve and automate internal operational processes, as well as promote collaboration between teams. By facilitating ways to become more competitive, Mediapost Martech will support businesses in achieving their target goals. 

In the last two years, businesses had to adapt to many unexpected challenges such as the global pandemic, supply chain disruption, great resignation, and more. Change happens so quickly that being nimble and agile becomes synonymous with business success and growth. The versatility of as a work operating system allows companies to use it to seamlessly oversee all internal projects. Mediapost Martech will empower teams to accomplish more, together.

“Business automation is not a one-man job: for the companies to achieve the best results, it must be a continuous team effort on all business levels,” said Adrian Alexandrescu, Managing Partner at Mediapost Martech. “Our business objective has always been to become a go-to leader in services that help automate day-to-day work for companies across Central and Eastern Europe. More companies feel the need to optimize not only front-end processes like sales or customer relations, but back-end ones too, improving employees' experience and efficiency.

"We're happy to continue to grow our partner network in Central and Eastern Europe and collaborate with Mediapost Martech as a strategic partner to support more companies in their digital transformation journeys," said Kirill Kapranov, Channel Partner Manager at "Mediapost Martech has proven to be an enthusiastic partner who also shares’s market philosophy. Together, we want to make a lasting impact, helping companies improve their operations, automate processes, and build successful and happy teams.”

About Mediapost Martech

Mediapost Martech is onboarding and consulting customers all across EMEA on automation platforms such as Hubspot, Salesforce and We exclusively cover with in-house resources all phases of an automation project: initial consultation, database architecture, actual implementation, integrations, customized training and post-implementation support.


The Work OS is an open platform that democratizes the power of software so  organizations can easily build work management tools and software applications to fit their every  need. The platform intuitively connects people to processes and systems, empowering teams to excel  in every aspect of their work while creating an environment of transparency in business.  has teams in Tel Aviv, New York, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, London, Kiev, Warsaw, Sydney, São  Paulo, Singapore, and Tokyo. The platform is fully customizable to suit any business vertical and is currently used  by over 152,000 customers across over 200 industries in 200 countries and territories.

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