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Democratizing the internet with #NoCode 

Until a few years ago, building interactive things on the internet required at least some knowledge of code. But not today, when we have hundreds of tools that allow anybody to develop interactions without learning how to code.4 no-code innovators share their insights into the benefits and challenges of no code—and what the future of no code holds - read about it here.


Best of B2B

Usually, B2C content gets all the fun. But B2B companies are just as passionate about their products as B2C and have managed to take their content to the next level. Here are 10 examples of the best B2B marketing content - click here!


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Zoom out on Hotjar

Hotjar introduces a Zoom Out feature to help you add context to user feedback. They’ve added a new ‘Play’ button to incoming feedback responses where you’ve also captured a recording of the user’s session. This means you can click straight through to the relevant recording and see what the user experienced before speaking up. Now, when your website visitor says “it doesn't work” you can push play and see the error with your own eyes.


What does Salesforce do?

If you are still in the dark when it comes to software automation, read this article published on the Salesforce blog and by the end of it you will know: what is Salesforce used for and how it works, how you can use Salesforce in your marketing and sales activities and if it’s suited for B2C and B2B commerce. You can also see an example of Salesforce at work. 


Tool of the month: Figma

Figma links everyone involved in the design process, allowing teams to produce better products in less time. It is a web-based vector graphics editor and prototyping tool geared at usage in user interface and user experience design, with a focus on real-time feedback. UI/ UX design, graphic design, wireframing, diagramming, and even brainstorming or remote design are some of the features you can find in Figma.

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