Best of MARTECH - news and jewels: 'Tis the season to look out industry trends

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Social Media Trends to watch in 2022: will Social advertising become more sophisticated? Is this the year Augmented Reality will become consumers' preferred way to try-on products and interact with brands? Find out from HubSpot's Blog! They surveyed over 1,000 marketing professionals to learn which trends B2B and B2C businesses will leverage in 2022.

Inflation Has Changed Consumer Behavior: Here’s how! From the most obvious one “buying less often” to the surprising growth of 23% and 30% in luxury apparel and handbags sales, Salesforce provides a sneak-peek into shoppers’ behavior.

The apps you'll need to get more done in 2022: Productivity is a highly personal concept, and the term "productivity tools" can imply a variety of things to various people. But Zapier made sure to list all categories of tools that can help you become a better version of yourself. Browse the list here!

2022 Marketing Industry Trends Report: Get up to date on why the #1 marketing trend is influencer marketing and see how brands will take more social responsibility. These trends and a lot more will continue to expand in 2022, as most marketers will either raise or maintain their investments in them. Discover the trends!

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