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Data: Industry Benchmarks from 103,000 Companies - HubSpot compiled data from their worldwide client base of 103k+ businesses to offer you benchmarks and help you understand how companies are performing by industry, geographical location, and company size. Explore the data here!

What is the growth rate of today's small and medium-sized businesses? Discover the answers in Salesforce's 5th Small and Medium Business Trends report. Over the last year, more than half of expanding SMBs increased their spending on sales and customer service technology. Follow the link and get all the insights you need.

Zapier has an informative piece on how connecting HubSpot and LinkedIn benefits your business. The dream duo for your business can be a powerful combination and Zapier can help you ensure that all your hard work on LinkedIn is captured in HubSpot. Read everything here.

From mini-sites of delight to art deco motifs, these 22 web design trends for 2022 will assist to enlighten and inspire those who create for the web. Dive right in on Webflow.

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