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HubSpot launches a new hub

There’s a new Hub in town and its name is Operations Hub. With the launch of Operations Hub, HubSpot, the customer relationship management (CRM) platform for scaling businesses, is expanding its toolkit. You are probably familiar with the CMS Hub, Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and even the Service Hub. Users can easily unify customer data in a connected CRM platform, automate a multitude of time-consuming operations, and keep a clean database using Operations Hub. Read more about it here!

Automation is a mindset

Automation is a mindset to cultivate, but it takes time. It’s ok if you don’t know where to begin and we understand if all this can feel sometimes overwhelming and a little bit scary. As Zapier says it it's a big leap to go from automating your Slack status to overhauling sales process with automation. But it’s better to start with fear, than not start at all. We have 11 certified consultants that can help you whenever you’re ready. Until then, read this: how to automate a manual process without feeling overwhelmed.

Is there light after burnout?

The stress of the coronavirus, along with 16 months of (forced) remote work, has exacerbated existing work-life balance issues across the tech industry and the broader office environment. Both Salesforce and HubSpot have taken action. HubSpot Unplugged is a new initiative that comes with A Global Week of Rest, No Internal Meeting Friday’s and Mental Health Programming. Salesforce announced The Leader’s Guide to Employee Wellbeing - how to keep track of and deal with stresses throughout hectic work days. You know what they say: it’s better to light a candle than curse the darkness.

Digital inspiration

If you are bored of Netflix, watch Salesforce Digital 360 video series. Meet the most forward-thinking marketers of today and learn from them how imposter syndrome doesn’t stop at the top or how IBM hopes to win an Oscar by modernizing its marketing. In the SimplyPut series celebrity host Emmanuel Acho talks to field experts about a future-proof business and finds out even how to build a UX with legs. And you can watch all this while brushing your teeth. Don’t miss out!

Access the report!

Tool of the month: Whisbi

In 2021, live-streamed revenues are anticipated to double. So, it’s better to be prepared. Whisbi presents itself as a global provider of a video-first conversation sales platform combining live video, chat, voice, web/content sharing, and chatbot. The best thing - you can do this on your brand website. Check them out:

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