3 types of approaches in lead nurturing


There’s no secret that what makes a lead turn into a paying customer is a well-developed plan that slowly but certainly directions the user into a buyer’s journey path. This lead nurturing campaign has to be done according to each buyer persona’s profile, in a personalized and segmented way.

How to strategically think of a lead nurturing campaign, taking into account that the most important rule is to make each user feel like you are talking directly to him? Let’s go over 3 types of approaches in lead nurturing:


1. Be on time

According to a Hubspot research, the best time for your sales team to approach a sales qualified lead is 5 minutes. If 30 minutes pass after the action that triggered its new status, the chances to convert it are getting lower and lower. 

When developing a lead nurturing campaign, you got to act quickly. Create your plan in a timely matter, so the buyer’s journey can be as continuous and smooth as possible. Attention span and competition can be some great challenges, so there is no time to lose.

For example, if your lead downloaded an ebook about a certain topic, make sure you send him the invitation to a related webinar you are organizing on that theme. But send it quickly, while the subject is still hot.


2. Play multi-channel

You have to be where your target is. And your target doesn’t stay nicely on a single channel, waiting for your content to come. So do your research and extend your lead nurturing campaign as broad as possible, using a multi-channel communication. 

Make sure your e-mail campaign goes according to plan, but also develop a retargeting strategy, a social media plan and adapt your website to the context, so it can be shown in the language of the user, for example.

It is also important that your multi-channel communication converge into a unified message, so your target doesn’t feel confused. 


3. Personalize your communication

Maybe this is the most important piece of advice: develop a targeted communication, segmented on buyer personas. Create categories according to their buying stage and categorize your users according to their behavior. This way, you will be able to address more relevant information and trigger their interest.

Don’t forget to research and test your ideas. Give it time and build a strong strategy step by step. This way, you will not only win customers, but also brand ambassadors.

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