3 Marketing HubSpot features you should definitely try

3 Marketing HubSpot features you should definitely try

When you’re first starting out with HubSpot, things can get a little overwhelming. And it’s ok - all beginnings are like that - this is why it’s important not to overlook certain features. After all, we do want to get the most from HubSpot, so let’s check out 3 Marketing HubSpot features you should definitely try.

1. List Segmentation

Finally, you’ve got all your contacts in one place, one mighty list. Now what? Now, you’ll love list segmentation. Because you can segment your contact lists using a wide variety of criteria, based on the data already stored in your HubSpot CRM. And don’t worry about changes, because lists are automatically updated, so your work we’ll always be up to date. List segmentation can help you find the right prospects, nurture them into leads and convert them into loyal customers. You can segment contacts by their interests, behavior, demographics and much more. Use these lists to send your contacts the most relevant and personal information at the right time. Did you know that segmented email campaigns see 100.95% higher clickthrough rates, compared to non-segmented email campaigns? Nice!

2. List-Based Ad Retargeting

In marketing land, one cannot live without retargeting and one does not want to live without retargeting ads. So it’s time to put your segmented lists to work. Retargeting is perhaps the most effective ad strategy because it focuses on people who are already familiar with your brand and have recently demonstrated interest. Also, retargeting has one of highest ROI of all digital channels. Having ad retargeting tools included in HubSpot Marketing Hub makes the whole process easier. With pixel-based retargeting, you can capture anonymous site visitors and deliver intelligent retargeting campaigns to follow them around the web. And, of course, it all gets stored in your CRM. So you don’t only smart retarget but also have a clear picture of each user's actions. 

3. Dynamic Personalisation

94% of businesses agree: personalisation is critical to their success. And with the HubSpot personalisation token you can show personalized content to your contacts based on their property values in your CRM, delivering, this way, the exact content your audience is interested in, increasing conversion rates and succeeding in lead nurturing. The most effective practical applications of HubSpot Marketing dynamic personalisation include: nurturing users across the lead lifecycle; optimizing your CTAs and conversions; delivering to your loyal users. 

And one final tip

If you do feel a little overwhelmed, it’s easier to ask for help. Having A HubSpot Diamond Partner on your side might be just what you need. As always, we are here to help. Give us a sign

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