SMS marketing in 2021

While many opinions say that SMS marketing should be finally put out of its misery, research shows totally different conclusions.

COVID pandemic brought a considerable shift in consumer behaviour, 76% of interviewed people reporting increased screen times on their mobile phones.

Here are some key takeaways from's research:

1. In the last year 62% of consumers have opted-in to receive texts from at least one brand (mainly for appointment reminders, exclusive promotions, sale notifications).

2. People reply to email within an hour and to SMS within 2 minutes

3. Acceptable frequency: once every two weeks. Too many texts is also the main reason for opting out, so "choosing battles carefully" is key here.

4. Almost 60% of marketers are planning increases for SMS-based marketing budgets

5. SMS is expanding as a customer support tool. More than 27% of the businesses use SMS as part of their customer service strategies.

Bottom line: SMS is one of the most underutilized marketing channels, despite its growth. This means a lot of opportunities for smart marketers that understand how to make GOOD use of SMS marketing, without abusing it. Research shows that most common uses are: sales and promotions, customer support, text for info, event reminders, internal communication, emergency alerts, sweepstakes and contests.

Mediapost Group offers a complete range of services ranging from location-based SMS, SMS campaigns on databases such as Vodafone Romania subscribers & SMS automation. Should you need any help with your SMS marketing, please feel free to contact us here.

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