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How to Create an SEO Strategy

An SEO strategy is a process of organizing a website's content in order to increase its chances of appearing in search results. An SEO strategy is essential since it keeps you on track when generating content and your SEO strategy for 2021 shouldn't focus on keywords. Learn how to build a solid plan with this article from HubSpot. Templates included!


The Complete Guide to Using Images Legally Online

Consumers are visual learners and images are crucial for your online presence. When compared to text, the information given in the form of images and videos is more likely to be retained for a longer period of time. You can't just grab any image off the internet and incorporate it in your branding campaign, as we're well aware. has a complete guide on laws relating to image use on the internet. Read it here


Headspace increased leads by 300%, powered by Salesforce

Headspace now counts more than 65 million users in over 190 countries. The Headspace app has a near-perfect 4.9 out of 5-star rating from over 500,000 reviews on the Apple App Store. The company's aim to enhance the world's health and happiness is well established. Find out how inbound inquiries now account for 90% of Headspace for Work's qualified organic leads. Salesforce did its magic!


Less is more - a lesson from Zapier

Here’s an interesting approach: in order to automate more, start by automating less. This increases your awareness of what needs to be automated. If you're considering automating something in your work, be sure you've done it the hard way first. Learn the process's peaks and troughs and become an expert at that specific task. Then contact us and together we’ll find the best way to automate it!

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