9 Customer Behavior Statistics to Up Your Marketing Game

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1) By 2023, it is anticipated that online sales would account for 27% of all retail sales. (Forrester)

2) Across all generations, 61% of consumers expect companies to address societal challenges. When it comes to Millennials and Gen-Z clients, this expectation rises to 76%. (McKinsey)

3) 65% of consumers are reducing their time spent in stores. (Acxiom)

4) By 2023, about 85% of user journeys will begin online. (BCG)

Marketing Automation for Companies Like Yours WATCH ON DEMAND!5) 65% of Gen Z consumers have paid money for a virtual good that only exists in video games. (BCG)

6) According to 78% of podcast listeners, audio information will affect their decision-making process. (Ogilvy)

7) Social networking is the new window shopping, with 60–70% of consumers shopping in an omnichannel way. (McKinsey)

8) According to 17% of B2B buyers, the most important factor influencing their purchase decision was the competence shown during the buying process. (Forrester)

9) 75% of consumers (between the ages of 18 and 35) engage in everyday AI-enabled engagements with businesses through chatbots, digital assistants, face recognition, and biometric scanners. (Capgemini)

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